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Glides for all types of furniture legs

Do you want to optimally protect your floor against sliding furniture? Then make sure that your furniture legs are equipped with high-quality furniture glides. Buy the best floor-protection solutions at Scratch no More!

Why use protective glides?

Chairs with legs made of steel or plastic are usually equipped with plastic end caps. Being a hard material, plastic is prone to damage flooring with a hard surface. As dirt is pulled between the end cap and the floor and dragged across the floor like sandpaper, damage such as scratches occur easily. Wooden chair legs are usually not equipped with a (plastic) end cap. A hard wooden leg on a hard floor has the same effect as a plastic end cap. If you love your floor, protect it by equipping your furniture with our high-quality and 100% scratch-proof furniture glides!

Why use furniture glides by Scratch no More?

The biggest advantage of Scratch no More’s furniture glides is that they are made with durable polyamide fibres known from dry-running doormats or indoor entrance mats. Other furniture glides available on the market mostly use felt or Teflon as sliding material. Both materials are likely to cause damage to your floor. As dirt gets stuck between the surface of the glide and floor, it scratches the floor like sandpaper. The more the furniture is moved, the more damage will be done. With Scratch no More’s innovative polyamide fibres, dirt ends up between the long and dense pile where no harm can be done. This makes furniture glides by Scratch no More 100% scratch-proof. The polyamide fibres are also extremely durable, lasting up to 8x longer than felt.

For which floor types are Scratch no More’s glides suitable?

Another great benefit of furniture glides made by Scratch no More: they offer an universal use on and reliably protect any hard-surface flooring such as PVC, vinyl, linoleum, exposed concrete, (PU/epoxy) cast floors, laminate, parquet, wooden floorboards, (ceramic) tiles and many more. Scratch no More’s glides are designed to slide over any of these floors at ease. On particularly rough floors or tiled floors with large joints, it is advised to use the largest sliding surface possible to move furniture. The larger the sliding surface, the more the pressure is distributed and the easier it is for furniture to slide. The same rule of thumb applies for heavy furniture and intensive use.

Furniture glides reduce noise effectively

To most people, the loud scraping sound created by chair legs moving across a hard floor is not just an unpleasant sensation but a serious nuisance. Even if you are not disturbed by the noise yourself, family members, colleagues or neighbours most likely are. Luckily, our furniture or chair glides do not only serve as floor protectors but also have a sound-absorbing effect, allowing furniture to slide across the floor a lot quieter.

Glides also available for angled legs & slanted bases

One of the questions we get asked most often is whether we also offer glides for angled legs or legs with a slanted base relative to the floor. Luckily, we almost always come up with a suitable solution to fit your needs and the requirements of your furniture. We, for instance, have the perfect solutions for angled tubular legs and wooden or threaded legs with a slanted base up to an angle of thirty degrees. View all our products or follow our buying guide to find the right glides for your chair. If the leg’s or base’s angle is greater than thirty degrees, please contact us for advice!

Furniture glides for outdoor use

Furniture glides by Scratch no More were originally designed and intended for indoor flooring. In this environment our glide feet usually last about 2 years. Thanks to their extremely durable design, glides by Scratch no More are however also suitable for garden chairs, sunbeds and a lot more outdoor furniture. Our glides do not only protect your terrace floor from damage caused by moving furniture, it also protects your furniture legs from wear and tear caused by the often much rougher floor. The polyamide fibres are extremely resistant to abrasion and even when the glide feet are exposed to moisture for a longer period, mould formation is prevented. Even though our glide feet last a lot longer outdoors than those made of felt or Teflon, they will not last as long as compared to indoor use. Moreover, glides that are used outdoors should be cleaned more often to allow the glide feet to restore their protective function. For outdoor use, it is advised to use the largest sliding surface possible, as outdoor flooring often is a lot rougher than indoor flooring.

Need advice on chair glides?

To help you find the perfect protective glides for your furniture, we have developed the buying guide. In five simple steps, this convenient tool takes you through the decision process to select the perfect match for your piece of furniture. Did you use the buying guide but still have not found a glide that is suitable for your furniture? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!