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1. Return and exchange

You have the right to withdraw from your purchase and cancel your order within 14 days of receipt without stating any reason. After cancellation, you have another 14 days to return the product. You will then be credited the full order amount, including shipping costs.

Before returning an item, please read our stipulations for the exchange & return of it as well as our General Terms & Conditions.

If you would like to exchange your products for a different size or for different products, the fastest way to receive your new products is to place a new order and return the old products.

You are also able to indicate which products you would like to receive in exchange making use of our returns form. Once we have received your return along with the form, we will ship the new products to you. The return costs are your responsibility, but we will cover the shipping costs for the new items. Please bear in mind that our products are shipped from the Netherlands. As a result, it may take a while for your package to reach us and for us to process your return and dispatch the new shipment.

The costs for shipping the parcels must be paid to the carrier. We choose not to include any fees for costs of potential returns in the price of the products. We do this to encourage conscious online shopping and avoid unnecessary returns, impacting the environment.

After we have received the products in good condition, we will issue a credit invoice for the returned items and refund the purchase price including shipping costs within five days. Your refund will be reimbursed using the same means of payment you used for the initial transaction. Please read our return policy (see our T&Cs, art. 6–10) for more information.

Please indicate on the packing slip whether you want to return the product(s) or exchange it/them, and which product(s) you want to exchange it/them for. (You can have your shipment stamped at a carrier).

2. Delivery

Please check the track and trace link of your order to see which options are available. Depending on the country of destination, you may be able to change the time of delivery or choose for the shipment to be delivered to a nearby pick-up point or locker instead.

Depending on the country of destination, it is usually possible to change the delivery time of your shipment. Check the track & trace link in your mailbox to see what your options are. You did not receive the track & trace link by e-mail? Please check your spam folder before contacting us.

Please contact the carrier by clicking on ’contact’ in the track & trace system.

Shipping parcels incurs costs. Many webshops add these costs to the selling price of the product. If you order multiple products, you end up paying double shipping costs. We believe this is unfair, which is why we choose to be transparent and charge shipping costs separately.

We commission DPD for the delivery of orders to all countries in the EU except for the Netherlands (DHL), Germany (DHL) and Belgium (PostNL).

3. Order process

We offer 3 options for placing orders with us: You can either order products via our webshop, or place your order directly at our customer service by e-mail or through WhatsApp. If you order in the name of a company that is subject to VAT (VAT registration number), you order at our customer service as well in order for your order to be invoiced without VAT (reverse charge). Please read on here for more information about ordering for companies liable to VAT.

We aim to deliver your order as quickly as possible. Orders placed on weekdays before 15:00 hrs (CET) will be shipped the same day. The lead time for delivery depends on the country of destination, as all orders are dispatched from our warehouse in the Netherlands. Please refer to this table to view the estimated delivery time for your country.

Shortly after placing your order through our webshop, you will receive the order confirmation by e-mail. If you have not received the order confirmation, please always check your spam folder before contacting us.

We recommend to place the entire order at once. If you are not satisfied with it for whatever reason, you are able to return it to us. This does not make a difference in terms of costs. If you keep the ordered items, you only need to pay for shipping once (unless your order exceeds the threshold for free shipping).

Our glides and spare glide feet come in sets of 4 pieces per default as most furniture, especially chairs, typically have four legs. To avoid misunderstandings and prevent you from ordering an insufficient amount of glides for your furniture, i.e. you have to place a second order, we pack and sell our glides as well as the replaceable glide feet in sets of 4 and 12 pieces only.

Shipping free samples is an expensive matter. Moreover, we can always assist you in making the right choice when you contact us for a consult. By providing photos and measurements of your furniture, we offer tailored advice for the right product. If the product does not meet your expectations for whatever reason, you still have the option to return your order.

4. Payment

We offer the following payment methods for webshop orders:

  • PayPal
  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • American Express

For business customers, we also offer purchase on account. Please send a e-mail with your order and invoice/shipping address to [email protected] if you are a business customer and would like to make use of this option.

If you experience any issues with payment or have any questions, please contact us!

Businesess can purchase our products on account after consultation and approval. If you are representing a business and would like to purchase on account, please contact us. Purchasing on account is not possible for other customers.

5. Measurement

A calliper is used to thoroughly measure internal and external dimensions as well as depths. This tool offers much more precision measuring e.g. the outer/inner diameter of furniture legs than a ruler or tape measure.

Measure the diameter of the existing threaded bolt currently in use with a caliper.

1. Calliper: A calliper is the most accurate way to measure diameters.

2. Pipe wrench: Place a pipe wrench around the tube tightly and place a ruler or tape measure along the jaw opening to read the distance and thus measure the diameter of the tube.

3. String: Tie a string, thread or ribbon tightly around the tube and cut it. Next, measure the length of the string precisely. This will determine the circumference of the tube. Divide the measured circumference by 3.14 to calculate the tube diameter.

Use a calliper to measure the diameter of the part of the stem that is fitted into the socket of the furniture leg.

6. Mounting

  1. Remove the original plastic end cap from the tubular chair leg.
  2. Insert the base part into the tube as far as possible. The end of the tube should rest on the disc of the base part.
  3. Tighten the base part with an Allen key until it is fastened securely.
  4. Click the glide foot onto the base part’s round ball joint until it locks into place.

Grasp the stem firmly with a pipe wrench, then gently tap the wrench with a hammer to loosen the stem.

You could ream the pre-drilled hole slightly (to 6 mm) to make the pin fit. It is also possible to mount the Chairfixx without the pin. In this case, we recommend the use of double-sided adhesive tape to prevent the Chairfixx from shifting. The pin has a diameter of 5 mm.

The double-sided adhesive strip of the Minifixx/Multifixx is only suited for metal surfaces. The surface should be degreased thoroughly, e.g. using an alcohol wipe, before mounting the base part with the adhesive strip. Lastly, click the glide foot onto the base part until it locks into place. In case of wood or plastic, the base part should be screwed in place.

Place the glide foot on the floor, lift the chair up and carefully push the chair leg with the mounted base part onto the glide foot until it locks in place. It is easier to build up sufficient pressure this way.

7. Maintenance

Under normal circumstances and with regular care, our glide feet will last approximately two years before replacement is necessary. If furniture is moved more frequently than typical for household use, this period may be shorter.

Almost all our products consist of a base part and a replaceable glide foot. If the glide foot is worn down and needs to be replaced, it can be ordered as a spare part. However, the Chairfixx and Threadfixx consists of only one part and therefore does not have a replaceable glide foot.

The best way to clean them is with a vacuum cleaner or a nail brush. If necessary, you can wipe the glide foot with a wet cloth. Please note: DO NOT use soap or other cleaning agents, just plain water.

Sticky polyamide fibres are usually caused by the use of cleaning agents that contain soap. This is not recommended, as many floors such as PVC, laminate, exposed concrete and cast floors have a polyurethane (PU) coating. Soap-based cleaning agents leave greasy residues on the floor. This causes the fibres of the glide foot to become greasy and sticky, impairing their floor-protecting function and sliding properties. In addition, cleaning agents that contain soap cause undesirable streaks on your floor and the greasy layer even attracts dirt more quickly. In most cases, clear water is enough to clean the floor. The glide foot’s polyamide fibres should also only be cleaned with clear water.

8. Products

Use our buying guide to find out which glides are best suited for your furniture. If you would rather have a consult by one of our employees, please send photos and the dimensions of your furniture legs through WhatsApp (+31 317 745 425) or by e-mail ([email protected]).

Furniture glides by Scratch no More are equipped with a unique sliding material: We use high-quality and particularly durable polyamide fibres, as also used for outdoor entrance mats, to make furniture slide across the floor with ease and without causing scratches. Our furniture glides are equipped with durable polyamide fibres that take up dirt like sand when furniture is moved across the floor and safely embed it between the fibres where no harm can be done. With hard glides made of felt, Teflon or similar materials, dirt is jammed between the hard surfaces of the glide and the floor. When furniture is moved, the dirt particles are pushed into the floor, causing scratches and other damage to it.

Furniture glides are usually made of felt and Teflon. The main disadvantage of felt glides is that they cause scratches on hard floors. Moreover, felt glides wear down quickly and come off or shift easily, damaging the floor as well.

Teflon is a hard material. Used on a hard floor, scratches are therefore inevitable, even if your furniture glides effortlessly. Reason for that is dirt ending up between the sliding surface and the floor, causing it to be dragged across the floor when the furniture is moved.

Furniture glides by Scratch no More are equipped with high-quality polyamide fibres, such as those used for outdoor entrance mats. Dirt is absorbed by the long, closely arranged polyamide fibres and safely embedded between the fibres where no damage can be caused. This means you can rely on Scratch no More’s furniture glides to protect your valuable floor from damage such as scratches.

There are thousands and thousands of different chair models by numerous brands with a wide variety of leg types. Therefore, it is impossible for us to generally determine which glides are suitable based on just a specific brand or model type of the chair. The best you can do is to send us photos and the dimensions of the chair leg or furniture leg that is to be fitted with chair glides.

Usually, the original plastic end caps, that manufacturers often equip chairs with by default, can be removed from the chair leg. With the help of a flat-head screwdriver, for example, you can carefully lift and remove the end cap/plug. If this does not work, please contact our customer service.

Thanks to their extremely durable, weatherproof polyamide fibres, our chair glides are also suitable for outdoor use. Please note, however: the rougher the floor, the faster the protective feet wear off and the more the sliding ability is impaired. Outdoor floors that are relatively smooth, such as porcelain stoneware tiles, are reliably protected against scratches. On rougher surfaces such as paving slabs or exposed aggregate concrete, our glides mainly protect the chair legs from wear and tear. In addition, the sliding surface of the glides should be as large as possible for furniture to be moved across rough outdoor floors more easily.

Use our buying guide to determine which glides are best suited for your chairs. Alternatively, our customer service is also happy to help you find suitable glides or confirm your selection to make sure the selected glides will have a perfect fit and are able to provide full protection. Please send photos and dimensions of your chair leg through WhatsApp (+31 317 745424) or e-mail ([email protected]).

The Footfixx Hollow 3.0 is specially designed to protect the glide foot from unauthorised removal. The glide foot is sunk into the base part, preventing it from being removed by hand. In order to remove the glide foot, for replacement, a small flat-head screwdriver is required. The Footfixx Hollow 3.0 is the perfect solution for stacking chairs in lunchrooms, schools and any other shared or public space.

The larger the sliding surface, the more the pressure exerted on it will be distributed. The smaller glide foot with a diameter of 28 mm – or 29 mm in the case of the Fixxclick and Footfixx Hollow 3.0 – is often considered more aesthetically pleasing for slim chair legs. However, the larger glide foot with a diameter of 34 mm – or 35 mm in the case of the Fixxclick and Footfixx Hollow 3.0 – allows your chairs to glide more easily. For this reason, we generally recommend using the larger glide foot for rough floors, intensive sliding and/or heavy chairs.

Footclick 2:
With the Footclick 2, the furniture leg must have a diameter that is at least as large as the diameter of the glide. The Footclick 2 must always fit within the base area of the leg. Additionally, the leg base must be level with the floor. Furniture is raised by a maximum of 12 mm with the Footclick 2.

Footfixx Wood:
The Footfixx Wood is suitable for all wooden legs with a base that is standing on the ground flatly. Unlike the Footclick 2, the Footfixx Wood can correct itself slightly, which is useful for floors with wider tile joints, for example. Additionally, the Footfixx Wood is suitable for narrow legs because the base part’s diameter measures just 14 mm. Furniture is raised by a maximum of 17 mm.

In contrast to the Footfixx Wood, the glide foot of the Footfixx Wood 3.0 can tilt and correct itself up to an angle of 30 degrees. Therefore, it is also suited for legs with a slanted base that is not level with the floor. With the Footfixx Wood 3.0, furniture is raised by a maximum of 20 mm.

Did you find loose carpet fibres in the packaging of the chair glides and/or on the glide feet themselves? Rest assured, there is nothing to worry about! This is not a quality problem or a manufacturing defect. On the contrary, it goes to show just how densely the fibres of this high-quality fabric are arranged, creating a dense protective cushion between the chair leg and the floor. When the carpet pads are punched, fibres are separated from the carpet backing along the edge. It is therefore completely normal for carpet fibres to come off along the punched edge. Despite the additional production step in which the majority of the loose fluff is shaken off the carpet pads, still a few loose fibres are likely to remain. The function and longevity of the glide feet are not affected by this in any way, though.

Our chair glides protect even very rough tiles from scratches and streaks reliably. Compared to felt glides, chairs also glide more easily on very rough tiles using our chair glides, making them easier to move. Last but not least, furniture legs are also safely protected from wear and tear. However, it is possible that the glides will wear down more quickly on very rough floors.

As the name suggests, a dirt trapper mat mainly collects coarse dirt and mud. Its stiff fibres ensure that most of the dirt is brushed off from the soles of your shoes even before you enter your home. A good dry-running mat, on the other hand, consists of a pile with soft fibres that absorb water quickly and well. In short, the dirt-trapping mat outside of the entrance ensures that as much dirt as possible is removed, while the dry-running mat inside of the entrance absorbs any remaining moisture and dirt.

9. Other

You can report your complaint by e-mail ([email protected]),through WhatsApp (+31 317 745 425), or by phone (+31 317 745 425).