The complete protection for your floor

About us

At Scratch no More, we develop, manufacture, and supply protective furniture glides of premium quality. We know that damage caused by the use of ineffective furniture glides (like felt or Teflon glides) is unnecessary and a waste of resources. We consider high-quality and 100% damage-proof furniture glides to be a crucial factor for sustainable floor care.

That is why we decided to do things differently. Our furniture glides are equipped with durable polyamide fibres that take up dirt like sand when furniture is moved across the floor and safely embed it between the fibres where no harm can be done. With hard glides made of felt, Teflon or similar materials, dirt is jammed between the hard surfaces of the glide and the floor. When furniture is moved, the dirt is pushed into the floor, causing scratches and other damage to it.

With our scratch-proof furniture glides, we strive to protect your floor optimally and extend its lifespan significantly. Our glides allow you to save money in the long term, prevent costly floor repairs, and stimulate sustainable floor care.

Scratch no More is an established brand in the Dutch and Belgian flooring and furniture industries. Over 1,000 furnishing stores, flooring companies, DIY stores and specialty cleaning services resell and recommend our floor-protection products as an essential part of sustainable floor care. In addition, over 6,000 webshop customers have rated our products and service with an average of 9.4 out of 10 through verified reviews.